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But regardless of how the process started and how out of control you might feel, you actually have a lot of control over how the next days, weeks, or months will go. In fact, it’s pretty much all up to you. As most teenagers and young adults are aware, no one can really control you. No matter what the circumstances, you, and you alone, are the boss of you.

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Following are some simple tips for helping manage the difficult feelings you’re likely to experience on the front end of your child’s treatment experience.

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Earth Day Fun!

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What is new in the science class!!!! To celebrate Earth Day,  the science classes studied ways to help with the three R’s (reuse, recycle, reduce). Students learned how their actions impact the environment and what things they could do to be part of the solution for a cleaner Earth .  For an activity we toured […]

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In 1995, the CDC began collecting data on a dangerous adolescent phenomenon called “the choking game” in which teens – typically in a group setting but sometimes alone – self-strangulate or have another person strangulate them to induce cerebral hypoxia.

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Today in History

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April 15- Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier to become the first African American professional baseball player Overcoming obstacles and embracing our differences has been a theme in school this week. Our students had the privilege of video conferencing with a Holocaust survivor who shared her inspirational story of endurance, courage, and strength. As I […]

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Who’s on the Team: Adolescent Treatment Professionals

This is a partial overview of the types of mental health professionals typically found in a private adolescent-treatment setting. There are other professionals -such as social workers, specially trained teachers, life coaches, and etcetera – who may also provide services in a treatment setting, but this is a description of those professionals most commonly participating directly in the adolescent treatment process.

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The Case for Alternative Education

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Spring is coming!  Our students have an overall great attitude today and I think just having a little sunshine helps a lot….  Recently I read an article called “Intrinsic Motivation and Alternative Education” by Ryan T. Miller, Ph.D.  He states “In response to the pressures placed on education, public schools have emphasized excellence by raising […]

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