ADHD in Adolescent Girls

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As part of their efforts to please, bright girls may work very hard and successfully to compensate for their ADHD, delaying the identification of the disorder until academic or work challenges reach a point where the ADHD becomes disabling. Sometimes this does not occur until adolescence or young adulthood.

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Can A Teen “Catch” Negative Behaviors?

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Physical diseases are not the only problems that are contagious. Negative behaviors can be passed from one person to another too, though these problems are socially rather than physically contagious. Some self-destructive teen behaviors, in fact, are extremely socially virulent and can spread among groups of teens as rapidly and destructively as a physically communicable disease.

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Asperger’s Syndrome Treatment

While more severe forms of autistic-spectrum disorder require specialized care, many children and teens with Asperger’s disorder find themselves in mainstream settings and/or more broad-based treatment programs.  This approach can increase the young person’s access to normalized social situations in which they can learn better social skills experientially through contact with a more diverse peer […]

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Designer Drugs

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Designer drugs are so called because they are designed to get around legal regulation. These substances are typically made from intoxicating compounds that are not currently illegal. The products are deceptively labeled and marketed for purposes other than their intended purpose as an intoxicant. These products are often available at convenience stores, online, or at head shops; adolescents learn about their actual intended use by word of mouth and the internet.

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Household Intoxicants

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Parents and others concerned with the safety of young people do well to understand trends in the use of legal and easily accessed intoxicants. Information can help parents and others detect dangerous substance abuse and, just as importantly, engage their teen with accurate information and informed concern.

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