While your Daughter’s Away…

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So, now that you’ve made this great decision to seek residential treatment for your child, why do you feel so terrible?

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The Upside

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Knowing that our dominant personality traits usually have two sides to them can help us cultivate their positive aspects and manage the negative ones. When things are not going well, this understanding can also help us reframe things so that we don’t get stuck in negative thoughts about ourselves and, instead, embrace the positive aspects of our personality. If you’re raising an adolescent or young adult, understanding this dual nature of personality can help you weather mercurial changes in mood—which is what tends to flip the coin of personality from positive to negative and back.

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A Blue Home is a Happy Home

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eenagers are drawn to whatever’s fastest, easiest, edgiest, biggest, newest or “best.” Hence the teenager’s penchant for extreme music, extreme hairstyles and extreme sports. As a teen’s brain develops, whole new cognitive worlds open up; pushing the envelope is, in part, a way of exploring these new realms. It’s also a teenager’s developmental prerogative to create a distinct and independent identity, which provides another incentive for exploring extremes.

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Doing Therapy: A Beginner’s Guide

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Unlike a visit to the dentist—“open, rinse, say ahhh, spit”—the rules for a psychotherapy session are not so simple or clear. Most therapists are unlikely to give you step by step instructions for engaging the session—“talk about your mother, cry, tell me a story from your childhood.”

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Screen Obsessed

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Science is finally confirming with what astute parents have known for decades: too much TV is bad for kids. With the proliferation of other screen-based technologies in addition to TV, opportunities for children and adolescents to disappear into a screen-based alternate universe have only increased.

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