Experiential Therapy – A Mom’s Perspective

Experiential Therapy – A Mom’s Perspective Until our daughter attended New Haven, our family had not been exposed to Experiential Therapy.  For those parents who are in the same boat and would like insight into what it is like, I’ll describe a recent experience that I had with my husband and daughter during a Family […]

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Experiential Therapy – A Student’s Perspective

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I have been at New Haven for over 5 months now.  My journey here has taught me so much about myself and my family.  A lot of my family’s progress has happened through Experiential Therapy.  My family and I began our treatment with challenging family dynamics that were getting in the way of our relationships […]

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Why Do We Do Experiential Therapy?

Why Do We Do Experiential Therapy? Experience is one of the greatest ways to facilitate therapeutic change. Experiential therapy revolves around the client being an active participant in the therapeutic process. Rather than the traditional “talk therapy,” the client is involved in actions, movements, and activities. These activities can include things such as equine therapy, […]

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