30 Days of Recovery

Dear Best Friends Back Home,

I love you all dearly. That won’t ever change. However, I will NOT be the same girl I was when I left you last year. You knew me as someone who was impulsive, reckless, and secretive surrounding drugs. I am not that girl anymore. I know what I want in life. Addiction runs in my family. I can’t use casually. I can’t take just a couple of hits. I can’t be mostly sober guys. This is hard. Doing this recovery thing SUCKS, but this has to happen. I never want any of you to get that phone call with a frantic voice “Sophie overdosed!”. I can’t be anything but 100%. I want to be back with you guys, I want to be the artist I know I can be. I know that this is hard to understand – it is for me too. I love you and I need my friends to support me fully on this. Don’t invite me to parties with drugs. Don’t hang out with me while high.
If you love and care about me, stick with me through this journey of recovery.

Much Love, Sophie L