30 Days of Recovery

Hannah H.’s A-Ha moments in Recovery

. Sometimes the best leadership is practiced through the encouragement and support of helping someone else step up as a leader

. What you choose to see in the world is what you will see.

. Don’t compromise what’s important to you to help you feel better in the moment.

. Define what’s important to you by what’s important to you not what you think other people think is important.

. Even when you’re having a hard time in your life you are still moving forward

. Change has to come from within you; no one can do it for you

. Every living thing has its own innate worth by just being; everyone has their own influence and impact on others

. By honoring all of myself and believing in who I am I can find peace

. It feels better to stand up for what you value then to stand by and hide parts of you to fit in; it can lead to a lack of understanding who you are

. Turning my fear into excitement helps when my fear impairs me

. Emotions just are, and that’s okay

. Admitting you need help and are powerless to addictions in your life the more you get your freedom back

. When your mind, heart, and gut are all aligned in a decision then trust it; trust your heart

. You can only control yourself and the choices you make, you cant control other people and their reactions/ choices

. Letting go of things is bring more opportunity in

. Loving all of yourself helps you love all of other people
. Change and a new way of life is always possible if you’re open to it; no one can rescue you, you have to take advantage of the opportunity you get

. Who you are at your core will never change but people, things, and places in your life will and that’s okay, you will always be discovering new things about yourself and different parts of you.

. Living in your core issue is just surviving; thriving in your core meaning is being alive

. Trust comes from being real and vulnerable, creating an emotionally safe environment

. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind

. A mask never reveals what the true emotion is

. Even when you loose someone they are not really gone because parts of them live on in people that that person has impacted

. Anger is a secondary emotion and it only hurts the person that is angry, holding grudges just hurts you, hating someone is more exhausting then letting it go

. The difference between shame and guilt is that shame is a statement about who you are as a person and guilt is about something you did rather than towards who you are

. External things will never bring anyone long term fulfillment

. Your higher power will never give you anything you can’t handle or anything you don’t have to tools to be able to handle

. You are never alone or forgotten

. Practicing gratitude will help ground you and help you through tough times

. Honor all those important in your life to help remember why they are important to you and what the relationship means to you; remember to do it for yourself too and what the relationship with yourself means to you

. Feel what you need to feel!

. Reach out in life; don’t reach in, even when you don’t really know what’s going on or what to say. Putting light on it helps discover what is going on and create support for you

. When your trying to control thing that are out of your control turn it over to your higher power!!

. The more you embrace new things in your life the more you discover new parts of yourself

. You are the only thing that will never leave you, get to know you

. You cant keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting it to turn out differently

. The hardest things you do in life will help shape you as a person and teach you more than anything

. No two things you experience will be the same

. Accountability is owning all of the choices you make good and bad and owning those choices

. Addiction is a lifestyle, so recovery has to be one as well

. Trying to control your relationships will only push them away

. If you are trying to prove something to someone else you are probably trying to prove something to yourself

. Perfection is not real and can never be accomplished, striving for perfection is telling yourself to set you up for failure

. “ If it fits let it sit, if it doesn’t apply let it fly”

. Don’t trust everything you think

. Only you can take happiness away from you

. Be kind to yourself, notice the signs if your compromising yourself to be in a relationship with someone

. Have yourself together before you get involved with a guy

. Applying the serenity prayer to your life “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”

. Courage is being confident in the everyday thing that you do, that no matter how little the struggle is to you owning that is courage. Making it through everyday and saying there is always a new day is courage

. Sometimes you have to sacrifice what you are now to become who you want to be