30 Days of Recovery

Art room

To my high school teachers,
Ok listen….
If you don’t talk about drugs, you’ll never talk about them. If you tell us it’ll make us sick and we will never graduate high school, we won’t care. We don’t care that brain cells will die or that we will end up like zombie because trust me, we’re not thinking about the future right now. We’re thinking about after school not five years from now.
So how about we start telling the truth? The truth is you will like drugs. Most of us will like the inhale, we’ll fall in love with the exhale. Most of us will trip to trip and we will love the feeling of being hazy and edgy and high out of our minds. The biggest danger isn’t our safety, our health, our recklessness. The biggest danger is that we will fall in love with drugs. We will love them so much that we will make excuses for Mary. We will make excuses for the benzos and the shrooms. We end up madly in love with drugs and we will stop at nothing to love them for as long as possible. We don’t realize we’re in an abusive relationship and once we do, sometimes it’s too late.
They don’t tell us in school that we will actually like drugs, they somehow forget to mention that addiction isn’t just a side effect, it’s the only effect. So instead of protecting us and making it seem like the only damage is to our health, tell us what addiction truly is and how utterly terrifying that is.
-Stay Safe, Carmen D