30 Days of Recovery



To the person I once was, 
If only I had the chance, I would tell you to recognize the beauty as well as the fragility of what you have.  A loving family, a rewarding career and a positive outlook on life have been greatly compromised by addiction and the denial that comes with it.  If you start to wonder whether you have a problem, you do.
If you see the people that love you begin to worry, you have a chance to address it before the concern turns to exasperation, anger and finally the realization that they can no longer be near you.  Give yourself the gift of not having to experience the feelings of shame and failure that come with untreated
addiction.  Give your loved ones the gift of having respect for you, of feeling safe and protected with you and of wanting to be with you.  If it feels like you will be losing the very thing that gives you temporary peace, know that its a lie – addiction doesn’t want you to be at peace with the world.  It wants to stand between you and the very peace you seek.