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What We Believe

Education is more than just the mastery of content knowledge or the accumulation of grades and credits. Education is an interactive, relational process that should cultivate curiosity, resourcefulness, and the mastery of hard academic skills for effective lifelong learning, which is why each class is taught by a teacher in the classroom – dedicated only to New Haven School. We also know that education is personal; every student possesses a unique constellation of intelligence, abilities, and interests that, once discovered, provides the best foundation for academic success


These intrinsic strengths should form the focus and the core of a student’s academic life and, eventually, career. Similarly, every student possesses relative weaknesses, weaknesses that should not become the focus, but that can usually be addressed in a manner that provides a basic level of competence. Only by engaging students individually and in the context of a caring and challenging relationship can educators effectively identify and address each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

This personalized, multi-dimensional approach to teaching is what allows New Haven teachers to be equally effective with students who have enjoyed consistent academic success, and those who have not. The following mission statement and beliefs represent our deep convictions-convictions supported by twenty years of successful work with students of all abilities-that every student has the capacity to learn, to engage the world with curiosity, to uniquely contribute, and to be a passionate and successful lifelong learner.

Through healing our family dares to hope. Not a hope of wishful thinking, but a hope built on the foundation of what is possible.


Academic Mission

New Haven School is committed to creating an encouraging and challenging learning environment that enables students to become well-rounded, healthy, and productive lifelong learners.

New Haven’s education goal is to get our students back to their grade level and transition back smoothly to another school setting or graduate and move on to college.

School Beliefs

We believe that:

  • All students can learn.
  • Each student can be an independent learner by demonstrating accountability for her education.
  • The school faculty will provide positive role modeling and supportive assistance to the student’s emotional, intellectual, physical, and social needs.
  • Through exposure to a variety of teaching methods, each student will identify her optimal learning style and learn to be successful in other learning environments.
  • Each faculty member is committed to continual improvement of skills through participating in teaching observations, setting and achieving educational goals, and attending training in the areas of new educational methods and mental health.
  • Student development and achievement will be facilitated by maintaining a progressive and up-to-date curriculum.