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Academics at New Haven

School can provide a powerful context not only for academic learning, but for social development, improved self-esteem, and emotional growth. We view our education program not only as preparation for college and/or work, but as an important part of a holistic treatment approach. Our teachers take part in weekly treatment team meetings so that academic goals are supported in the treatment environment and vice versa. The result is a truly integrated program, located directly on our campus, in which learning is supported in all New Haven environments.

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Advanced Academics in a Supportive Environment

We know that your daughter is capable of excelling academically, even in the midst of emotional distress. New Haven offers Advanced Placement academics and certified teachers for our students. We'll work with your daughter to understand her unique needs and what may have held her back in the past. Our complete, college preparatory curriculum – including honors level courses – allows girls to build a strong transcript for college admission. We also challenge our students to move beyond themselves to assist other students academically in a spirit of service and sharing.

Many students come to New Haven significantly behind in school credits due to school refusal, hospital stays, or other distractions of an emotional problem. For these girls, our academic team creates a challenging but manageable program of skill building, accommodations, self-advocacy training, organizational skills, study skills, and remediation if necessary. In this environment, many girls are surprised to discover a deep enjoyment of learning and are soon able to move from remediation to more intensive college preparation.

Academic Accreditation

New Haven school is fully accredited by the North West Association of Schools and Colleges and the Utah State Office of Education; our teachers are credentialed by the Utah State Office of Education with core subject area specialties in math, history, English, and science.

Anti Bullying Policy

Check out our Anti Bullying Policy here

The love and understanding that you have shown to our family has been a gift we will never forget as we move forward in our lives. The confidence and education that you gave each of us to continue our lives together is awesome.