Artroom Makeover + Student Artwork

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The new facelift of the Art room is complete! (except for hanging my whiteboard). The girls helped me pick out the new color, and then we continued to spruce it with some various decals on the walls. It made our art room look bigger and the students like the new look. We went from lime green walls and strange silhouettes to a dark maroon with stylish decals. Its a huge difference in atmosphere and mood. I wanted to post pictures, but we are experiencing some technical difficulty with the images. I will post images of both the art room and student work at a later date. We have just recently finished a collage project for our mixed media unit. The project was to create a collage that worked together and looked like a complete piece with depth and interest. They all did great and I love seeing the artwork they create. I’ll be posting pics of student artwork soon. Thanks for reading!