2016 Daddy Daughter Trip: Alaska

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It has been shown that the father-daughter relationship often begins to diminish after treatment for a variety of reasons. At New Haven, we are committed to providing unique and meaningful experiences for our families to not only help improve the relationship between fathers and daughters but truly build a strong foundation. Our Annual Daddy-Daughter trip […]

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Quality Employees, New Haven’s Secret Sauce

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No matter how beautiful the campus or how brilliant the program design, a residential treatment center with sub-par staff is not capable of helping families heal. While it may seem obvious what makes a quality employee, our team at New Haven is held to a higher standard than most. Here’s a thorough breakdown for parents […]

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Why Parents Need to Let Their Children Fail

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At New Haven, we often ask our students, “What would you try if you knew you could not fail?” This question helps teens see what is possible without fear, but it also contributes to the mindset that failure is bad.  We should be asking, “What would you try if you knew that you will fail […]

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Emptying the Nest

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A popular metaphor for describing the transition from adolescence to adulthood is that of the eagle pushing her young forcibly and abruptly out of the nest. The falling eaglet either has a terror-induced epiphany – “Hey, I’m an eagle, I can fly!” – or hits the ground and stays there. In certain respects, this is […]

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The Emotional Bank Account

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What’s an Emotional Bank Account? Imagine your emotions are all inside of a bank account. When you give your daughter a hug, it makes a deposit into her emotional bank account. When you hold a boundary with her, it’s like making a withdrawal. As long as you keep putting enough positive things into the account, […]

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New Haven Service Trip – Peru 2016

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In April of 2013 New Haven launched its service trip program with a humanitarian trip to Peru. Since then, we have taken groups of families all over the world in an effort to serve others while providing a truly unique and therapeutic and family bonding experience. We were so thrilled to have the opportunity this […]

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How to Stop Overreacting in a Relationship

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Relationships are hard, especially when you’re a teenager.  As a parent, it’s easy to forget that growing up is a stressful process. Fights with friends, planning for college, involvement in sports, and developing a personal identity can lead to some big breakdowns. When this happens, it can be hard to know how to stop overreacting in a relationship […]

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Mental Health Crisis Plan

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If you have a teenager, you have seen them go through significant changes in friends, interests, and personality. Whether it’s stonewalling or throwing tantrums, there are going to be emotional extremes. Here are some principles to help families in mental health crisis. Recognize the Pattern First things first, realize your child most likely has some […]

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Brain-Based Learning

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At New Haven, we incorporate the principles of brain-based learning and education to support student learning. There are many ways brain-based learning is incorporated into our program. We wanted to share a tangible example with you, so you not only learn about it, but can experience it as well. A coloring book and a box […]

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Positive Self-Talk and Core Messages

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Self-talk is more than just the words you tell yourself.  Self-talk includes how you relate to social media, the music you listen to and the friends you spend time with. These messages combine to create a single core message that can define you. When you become aware of your self-talk and the core message in […]

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