Find Healing Through Positive Self-Talk and Core Messages

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Self-talk is more than just the words you tell yourself.  Self-talk includes how you relate to social media, the music you listen to and the friends you spend time with. These messages combine to create a single core message that can define you. When you become aware of your self-talk and the core message in […]

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Positive Parenting When Your Teen is Being Negative

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If you have a teenager at home, you are familiar with the tension, drama, and hurt that can occur on a daily basis. It may often feel like your choices are limited to yelling and punishing them. You are not alone!  Here are some things you can do to get back to engaged and positive […]

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Setting Healthy Boundaries With Teens

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The word “no” has a bad reputation- from toddler to teenager, using that word can create conflict. Parents may feel guilty when saying it and worry their kids feel unloved hearing it. However, “no” is a vital part of keeping teenagers emotionally balanced, safe, and healthy. Here are some tips on how to practice setting […]

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Spring Sports at New Haven

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Did you know that New Haven students have the neat opportunity to participate in three competitive sports annually? We get so excited to kick off the school year with our Volleyball season and the girls are ready to play! We have two Varsity level volleyball teams who compete during the traditional volleyball season. In fact, […]

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Leave Your Mark: Lessons From Art Class

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We all leave our mark on others and the world.  Our amazing art teacher at Hobble Creek recently lead a discussion to illustrate this principle.  Students discussed how they leave their mark on people, both positive and negative.  Then a model was brought in to be painted on with each student leaving their beautiful mark […]

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The New Haven Experience

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We are often asked what the New Haven journey is like for families. While every family’s experience is unique and special, we put together a video that captures what the New Haven journey is from the day of admission through transition for a student and family. Please watch and let us know what you think: The New […]

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New Haven Celebrates 5 Years Camping at MOAB

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Recently, families flew from all over the Unites States and even a few countries outside the US, to converge on the scenic town of Moab in Southern Utah.  As part of an annual tradition, families spend two nights camping every fall for family weekend, and returned to Moab for the 5th consecutive year – historically […]

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Create A Lasting Connection With Your Children

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While writing this article my mind is replaying the words, “Tradition! Tradition!” from Fiddler on the Roof. In the musical, Tevye is referring to the typical roles of fathers, mothers, and children at that time and in that culture. Family roles represent just one of many areas impacted by traditions and rituals. In my own […]

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Our Dads and Daughters Take Glacier National Park

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Family involvement is central to New Haven’s treatment philosophy. We are always trying to help family relationships not just to grow, but to flourish. In particular, we have come to realize that the father-daughter relationship is the one that struggles the most following treatment. We wanted to help fight that trend and created a Daddy/Daughter […]

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The Tragedy of Unreported Rapes and Unacknowledged Rape Victims

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What is the Definition of a Rape? According to the US Department of Justice rape is legally defined as: “an act of penile-vaginal intercourse by force and without consent. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense.” Understanding and accepting this broad definition of rape can help victims overcome myths about rape that may […]

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