Equine Therapy: Soccer with Horses?

Equine assisted therapy is a unique method used to help people better understand themselves and the world in which they live. Each week here at New Haven, I have the pleasure to conduct an equine therapy group, with the help of our ranch manager. In these groups, life patterns are often played out right in […]

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Lessons from a Border Collie

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When I am working with a student or family in therapy, I often try to come up with metaphors to illustrate various concepts. I have found that creating a visual example of a concept is often more easily understood and remembered than simply using words. Most of the metaphors I come up with are not […]

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Stressed-out Teen? Talk to Spot!

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While most pet dogs have just a few stress triggers that come and go with just enough frequency to make their day interesting, their unfortunate owners have created a world of constant stress. For teens in particular—who are emotionally charged to begin with and haven’t yet learned to cope with adult stressors—there’s an almost never ending list of stress triggers constantly circling, threatening, taunting. Tests, gossip, competitions, pimples, mean girls, family stress, a learning disability, an over-scheduled life…teens have a lot to deal with.

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What’s Special About Equine Therapy?

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Everyone knows that horses are used for transportation, recreation and herding cattle. What you may not know is that they’ve also used for many years to help treat neuromuscular disorders, Alzheimer’s, autism and severe physical injuries.

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