Anxiety in Teens

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The Shock of Puberty One of the most anxiety-provoking times of life for children and their parents occurs when the child reaches puberty. Puberty is a confusing hormonal, neurological, and social event in which life is turned upside down and everything, it seems, changes all at once. During puberty, teenagers have the daunting task of separating […]

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Hope Beyond Anxiety

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Hope Beyond Anxiety Nevin G. Alderman, MA, CMHC – New Haven Residential Treatment Center; Clinical Director   Anxiety is one of the most common symptoms faced by teens today. Anxiety can be defined as a debilitating preoccupation of thought and emotion that prevents an individual from attaining life goals and realizing one’s potential. Common emotional […]

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The Effect of OCD on Academic Performance

OCD and School Work A student who has untreated OCD is likely to struggle with concentration in the classroom. Students will often have a hard time concentrating because they will experience extreme anxiety and urges which can become overwhelming. Traditionally, these are smart, bright, kind, and likable students who are unable to excel and work […]

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Depressed? Anxious? Suffering from PTSD? There’s an App for that!

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Regardless of the fact that great progress is being made in the area of tech-based therapies, my own policy regarding psycho-therapeutic technology is to proceed with curiosity…and caution.

For now, the only therapist I’ll stick in my own pocket or recommend to others is one who promises little things. Like a little help going to sleep, or some organizational assistance to help manage ADHD.

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Stressed-out Teen? Talk to Spot!

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While most pet dogs have just a few stress triggers that come and go with just enough frequency to make their day interesting, their unfortunate owners have created a world of constant stress. For teens in particular—who are emotionally charged to begin with and haven’t yet learned to cope with adult stressors—there’s an almost never ending list of stress triggers constantly circling, threatening, taunting. Tests, gossip, competitions, pimples, mean girls, family stress, a learning disability, an over-scheduled life…teens have a lot to deal with.

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