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Attachment & Adoption

Few things are as painful as watching the daughter you love struggle with issues stemming from adoption or other challenges related to attachment. Learn how residential treatment can help your daughter with attachment issues, and how you can help her at home.

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Two Hands holding each other, representing bond between parents and daughter

Working with Reactive-Attachment Students in a Residential Setting

Reactive-Attachment disorder generally is rooted in relational trauma that results in the young lady either overly associating herself with others in a disinhibited and indiscriminate manner, or altogether removing herself from meaningful relational involvement, attachment and investment. Either way, the young lady fails to engage in healthy attachment and growth-promoting relationships with others. At New…

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The Adoption Cluster: Abandonment, Attachment and Trauma in Teens

We’re finding that adopted kids often struggle with attachment—the ability to connect effectively with others and form sustainable “attached” relationships. We now know that a child’s attachment to her mother starts in the womb, so even a child adopted at birth can experience severe attachment disruption later on in life.

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