Why Will My Daughter Listen to You?

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The first time we meet parents we often times hear the statement, “My child has put up walls. She won’t listen to me. She won’t listen to her therapists or her teachers, not anyone.”  This question always follows, “If I enroll my daughter into New Haven, why will she listen to you?”  This is a […]

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Normal Teen Arguing or ODD?

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If you’re already relationally in the red with your teen or an oppositional disorder is emerging, opportunities to make deposits will be scarce. In this situation your teen is likely to be guarded and unreceptive. Hinman suggests that this situation might make it necessary to engage outside help. This help might be a therapist, a member of the clergy, or a favorite aunt or uncle.

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Argumentative + Adolescent = Normal

According to family psychologist, Jack Hinman, argumentativeness is a necessary developmental pattern for adolescents. The good news? It’s normal. The bad news? You can’t entirely control or stop it.

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Adolescent Defiance Mild to Severe

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Even mildly resistant behavior can feel like defiance to all involved, leading to parental frustration and adolescent resentment and guilt.

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