Celebrating Family Legacies

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As a torch is lit, we can recognize the warmth and safety that the light provides.  During our family legacy ceremony in Moab, the torch is lit and each family takes their turn sharing one of the legacies or values that they would like to pass along to their daughter.  As this is shared, a […]

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New Haven Celebrates 5 Years Camping at MOAB

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Recently, families flew from all over the Unites States and even a few countries outside the US, to converge on the scenic town of Moab in Southern Utah.  As part of an annual tradition, families spend two nights camping every fall for family weekend, and returned to Moab for the 5th consecutive year – historically […]

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Our Dads and Daughters Take Glacier National Park

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Family involvement is central to New Haven’s treatment philosophy. We are always trying to help family relationships not just to grow, but to flourish. In particular, we have come to realize that the father-daughter relationship is the one that struggles the most following treatment. We wanted to help fight that trend and created a Daddy/Daughter […]

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Experiential Therapy in a Residential Treatment Center

I have been at New Haven for over 5 months now. My journey here has taught me so much about myself and my family. A lot of my family’s progress has happened through Experiential Therapy. My family and I began our treatment with challenging family dynamics that were getting in the way of our relationships […]

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Equine Therapy: Soccer with Horses?

Equine assisted therapy is a unique method used to help people better understand themselves and the world in which they live. Each week here at New Haven, I have the pleasure to conduct an equine therapy group, with the help of our ranch manager. In these groups, life patterns are often played out right in […]

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What’s Special About Equine Therapy?

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Everyone knows that horses are used for transportation, recreation and herding cattle. What you may not know is that they’ve also used for many years to help treat neuromuscular disorders, Alzheimer’s, autism and severe physical injuries.

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Experiential Techniques and BPD

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Therapeutic experiences address the issue of abandonment at the core of borderline traits and are central to the healing process.

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