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Parenting Teens

Parenting a struggling teen is hard. We hope these tips for parents and families make those teenage years a little easier.

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Life is Good – New Haven RTC Testimonial

https://www.newhavenrtc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Kelly-Molinari-New-Haven-Alumni-Story.mp3 It was as if a spaceship had come down to Earth, and abducted my real daughter, and replaced her with this one. Hello, I am Kelly. My daughter is Katy, and she came to New Haven in November of 2012. She was 14 years old. I want to focus less on her journey story.…

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It’s Time to Focus on Relationships

Relationships and interactions help to define who we are and how we see the world. February often becomes a month where everyone thinks harder about relationships as we encounter all of the hearts and cupids tied to Valentine’s Day.  At New Haven Residential Treatment Center we not only focus on interpersonal relationships, but also our…

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Family Legacies | New Haven Residential Treatment Center

Celebrating Family Legacies

As a torch is lit, we can recognize the warmth and safety that the light provides.  During our family legacy ceremony in Moab, the torch is lit and each family takes their turn sharing one of the legacies or values that they would like to pass along to their daughter.  As this is shared, a…

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5 tips for the holidays merry | New Haven Residential Treatment

5 Holiday Tips

The holidays are a great time to enjoy family and friends and appreciate all that life has to offer. But they can also be a trying time, filled with stress, anxiety, unexpected temptations and a pace that can make your head spin. Along with all of the wonder and delight, it’s important to remember that…

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Residential treatment Center for Teenage Girls and their Families - Read how New Haven helped this family

Family Triangles

One thing that hampers the health of a family system is the presence of family triangles, especially ones that are chronic or toxic. When two members of a family system experience anxiety or tension, it is common for one of them to find a third party and align with them against the other member of…

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Why Parents Need to Let Their Children Fail

Why Parents Need to Let Their Children Fail

[toc] At New Haven, we often ask our students, “What would you try if you knew you could not fail?” This question helps teens see what is possible without fear, but it also contributes to the mindset that failure is bad.  We should be asking, “What would you try if you knew that you will…

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Emptying The Nest | New Haven Residential Treatment Center

Emptying the Nest

A popular metaphor for describing the transition from adolescence to adulthood is that of the eagle pushing her young forcibly and abruptly out of the nest. The falling eaglet either has a terror-induced epiphany – “Hey, I’m an eagle, I can fly!” – or hits the ground and stays there. In certain respects, this is…

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Positive Parenting | New Haven Residential Treatment Center

Positive Parenting When Your Teen is Being Negative

If you have a teenager at home, you are familiar with the tension, drama, and hurt that can occur on a daily basis. It may often feel like your choices are limited to yelling and punishing them. You are not alone!  Here are some things you can do to get back to engaged and positive…

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Setting healthy boundaries with teens | New Haven Residential Treatment Center

Setting Healthy Boundaries With Teens

The word “no” has a bad reputation- from toddler to teenager, using that word can create conflict. Parents may feel guilty when saying it and worry their kids feel unloved hearing it. However, “no” is a vital part of keeping teenagers emotionally balanced, safe, and healthy. Here are some tips on how to practice setting…

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Your life won't ever be perfect, but it can be purposeful. Live for something bigger than yourself and leave a mark on the world.

Leave Your Mark on the World: Lessons From Art Class

We all leave our mark on others and the world.  Our amazing art teacher at Hobble Creek recently lead a discussion to illustrate this principle.  Students discussed how they leave their mark on people, both positive and negative.  Then a model was brought in to be painted on with each student leaving their beautiful mark…

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Create a Lasting Connection with your children

Create A Lasting Connection With Your Children

While writing this article my mind is replaying the words, “Tradition! Tradition!” from Fiddler on the Roof. In the musical, Tevye is referring to the typical roles of fathers, mothers, and children at that time and in that culture. Family roles represent just one of many areas impacted by traditions and rituals. In my own…

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