Overcoming Sexting Addictions

Becky gets home from an awful day at school.  She hates everything about her day.  Her teachers are hard and give her tons of homework.  She feels left out and has very few friends. She wants to get attention from boys, but doesn’t like her body and is convinced that nobody else does either. When she […]

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Parenting through Sexual Trauma

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The key contribution parents can make when their child is in treatment is to provide understanding and support, even as they work through their own painful emotions. This is a challenge, of course, and means that parents must engage their own therapeutic work in order to be able to help their daughter.

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How to teach Sex Ed to Teenage Girls

Having taught Sex Ed to teenage girls for 13 years, I am continually surprised at what they DO know, and what they DON’T know. As I contemplated how to better teach girls about their bodies, I considered taking my experience and putting it into a pamphlet for them.  But I know teenage girls well enough […]

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Sexual Promiscuity: Influence vs. Control

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Parents who generally engage in controlling rather than influencing parenting styles have a higher probability of raising sexually active teens.

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