A Brief History of New Haven

  During its first year, New Haven emerged through countless hours of thought, planning, and collaboration on the part of the four Founders (Mark & Kathy McGregor, Craig & Diane LaMont) and four additional Directors who joined the team early on. None of us will ever forget the experiences we shared as New Haven’s program […]

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The New Haven Alumni Association

The New Haven Alumni Association exists to provide connection, support, and advocacy on behalf of New Haven Families.   The Association seeks to mentor families in transition; create engaging local and regional alumni events; write and share interesting publications; and support New Haven’s mission.   Alumni parents help design and support two annual, Alumni weekends.  […]

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Zambia Trip

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“I’m excited to take experiential healing to the next level. Excited to experience something totally new with the girls and their families, we are all in the same boat.” KJ This trip is an adventure of a lifetime. I cannot wait to start building the school, watch the girls give to those who are in […]

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Maintaining Hope at New Haven

Some might say that being a maintenance man at an all girls residential treatment center may not play a role in the students’ treatment or care, but I would disagree.  I have worked at New Haven Residential Treatment Center for the past seven years. For me, maintaining the property holds the same responsibility as the […]

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Creating Our New Haven Family

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At New Haven, hiring relationship-minded staff, therapists, teachers and other employees is very important. Our students often struggle with depression, anxiety disorder, personality disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma, etc. Because our program is relationship-based, we need employees that are loving, fun and understanding; however, they are able to hold boundaries and issue consequences when […]

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Confidentiality in Therapy

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When a teen or young adult enters residential treatment, parents are often surprised to learn the extent to which their child’s confidentiality is protected by the clinical staff.

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Family Therapy Video Calls: How To

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Following is part 1 in a 3 part series about using video calls in family therapy: Robert Zemeckis painted a picture of 2015 in Back to the Future 2, with flying cars, hoverboards, automated houses and video calls.  While I’m still waiting to ride a hoverboard, the technology of video calling is readily available for […]

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