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Cutting & Self-harm

Self-harm is a frightening symptom of depression and other emotional challenges. Hospitalization and residential treatment are often necessary to keep young women safe from themselves. Read more about how to help your daughter with self-harm urges.

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Self-harm: Why My Daughter Does It and How Can I Help?

Self-harm: Why does my daughter do it and what can I do to help?   Me: Why do you think that you self-harm?   Student: “I like it.” “It helps me feel better.” “It makes me numb.” “It helps me to feel something.” “I use it to punish myself.” “I use it to punish others.”…

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Understanding Self-Harm

  Self harm is very seldom understood by those not struggling with it. It may seem unnecessary or even counterproductive to those on the outside. Explaining the drive to self harm is just as difficult for those suffering from it. When talking with those that have self harmed, a common theme is that ‘it doesn’t…

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Treating Self-harm takes loving, supportive relationships

Treating Self-Harm

Part 2 of 3 – Treatment for adolescents with complex issues like self-harm takes time, commitment and a great deal of patience.

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