Measuring Healing Effect in Residential Treatment

  Measuring Healing Effect in Residential Treatment Nevin G. Alderman, MA, CMHC – Executive Clinical Director, New Haven RTC Collecting outcomes is a best-practice for any treatment program or institution. Measuring treatment outcomes is vital in determining the level of effectiveness, and improving quality of care. At New Haven, practice-based research is a top priority. […]

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My Experience with Fulshear Treatment to Transition

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For teenage girls who need help with mood disorders, trauma, eating disorders, substance abuse, and interpersonal struggles there are many options in the field of residential treatment.   However, when a girl turns eighteen, those options drastically decrease.  Most residential programs come in the form of strict substance abuse treatment that lasts anywhere from one […]

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What is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?

  A dual diagnosis treatment center is one that provides treatment for individuals who have coexisting difficulties with mental health and drugs and/or alcohol.  The treatment of individuals who have both mental health difficulties and substance use difficulties is generally considered to be more complex than treating either one alone.  It is a dilemma commonly […]

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When is it Time to Look into Residential Treatment for Your Child?

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Bringing your child to a residential treatment center (RTC) is initially a heart-wrenching and painful experience.  For me, it was easily the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life.  We pulled out of the driveway and I put my head on the steering wheel and cried.  You are deeply engaged at that point […]

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Maintaining Hope at New Haven

Some might say that being a maintenance man at an all girls residential treatment center may not play a role in the students’ treatment or care, but I would disagree.  I have worked at New Haven Residential Treatment Center for the past seven years. For me, maintaining the property holds the same responsibility as the […]

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Working with Teens with Borderline Personality Disorder

Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of working with several girls with borderline personality disorder. I remember so many conversations that I had with these students. It felt like we went in circles, going over the same thing and I ended the conversation feeling completely helpless. How could I help them? […]

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Creating Our New Haven Family

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At New Haven, hiring relationship-minded staff, therapists, teachers and other employees is very important. Our students often struggle with depression, anxiety disorder, personality disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma, etc. Because our program is relationship-based, we need employees that are loving, fun and understanding; however, they are able to hold boundaries and issue consequences when […]

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The Fulshear Ranch Academy Experience

By: John Stewart, LCSW and Executive Director of New Haven Being a part of the InnerChange family has allowed us to find out about other treatment programs. Our sister program, Fulshear Ranch Academy, is one program with which we have been able to connect. Fulshear provides a healing journey for young adult women.  This period […]

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Relationship-Based Treatment; What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How Our Industry Can Do Better

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By: Nevin G. Alderman, M.A., LPC – New Haven RTC, Clinical Director Relationship-based treatment is the use of the client-provider relationship to inspire, motivate and facilitate healthy adaptation in the life of a client. Relationship-based treatment is systemic by nature, and considers and utilizes the relational exchange between the client and their environment, social networks, […]

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Lessons from a Border Collie

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When I am working with a student or family in therapy, I often try to come up with metaphors to illustrate various concepts. I have found that creating a visual example of a concept is often more easily understood and remembered than simply using words. Most of the metaphors I come up with are not […]

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