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Claire Grey

Claire was born and raised in South Jordan, Utah, as the youngest of three girls. She joined our team in 2011 and quickly recognized her passion for connecting with and healing families. Claire’s early experiences while working with our students as a residential staff have led her to develop a strong belief in New Haven’s approach, and a passion for our mission and vision. Claire recognizes relationships as the most influential agent of change, and she uses her natural ability to connect with the girls to nurture their strengths and challenge them to grow.

Claire values learning and loves to teach others. One of her favorite aspects of being a residential director is training the residential team.  She loves helping others understand the powerful personal influence they have in each student’s journey. Claire is intentional in her work and she invites those with whom she works to utilize their training and coaching to be purposeful in their efforts, as well. In keeping with her value of learning, Claire has earned her bachelor’s degree in behavioral science with an emphasis in psychology from Utah Valley University. She is currently attending California Southern University to earn a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.

Outside of work, you will find Claire in pursuit of adventure and thrill. She enjoys activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, and rock climbing–to name a few. She also enjoys spending time with the people she loves and traveling to see her sisters in Arizona and Mississippi.