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David Black, BS, MS, EdD Candidate

David Black has taught science and technology courses at the middle and high school levels for 29 years. He received a teaching credential from San Jose State University in 1990 and taught for three years at a small school in the Sierra Nevada Mountains before moving back to Utah, where he has taught ever since.

David is a strong believer in project-based learning and in integrating the arts and history into his STEM classes. Students at New Haven have created banners on the history of chemistry, built working models of human hands and arms, solved crime scenes of simulated murders for a forensic science class, painted illustrations using homemade ink and watercolors, designed Rube Goldberg devices, filmed stop motion animations of cell mitosis and nuclear reactions, and even staged their own musical theater production on cell biology complete with original songs.

David has won numerous awards as a teacher. This summer, he was selected for the Teacher Innovator Institute at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. and helped with the 50th Anniversary celebration of Apollo 11. He is a NASA/JPL Solar System Educator, a MAVEN Astronomy Ambassador, and a SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassador. He is a frequent presenter at state and national educator conferences. He is starting a new adventure this fall as he begins a doctoral program in education at the University of Northern Colorado.