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Esther Christensen, TRS,CTRS

Esther is both kind and thoughtful, organized and creative. She loves finding ways to connect with others and use a good sense of humor to create moments of joy.  

Esther earned her certification as recreational therapist at Brigham Young University. She loves Recreational therapy because she knows there is so much to be gained from experiential learning. She wants students to be able to see in a nonthreatening setting the patterns that they fall into with their relationships and in their lives so that they can recognize what needs to change and try something different. Esther will be there to celebrate the small and big moments of success, and push her students and families to try new things. 

 Esther loves to run, dance and may even be skipping to a Latin beat doing some Zumba. She has a green thumb and enjoys taking care of her plants, and has recently taken picked up crocheting from the girls at New Haven. Esther also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.