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Guy Exon, LCSW

Guy is that friendly face that you will never forget. His smile reaches ear to ear and he loves to find ways to help others laugh. He genuinely desires to get to know each person he comes across, and you can’t help but feel his genuine compassion and care. Guy is not only a good listener but an advocate for the teens he works with. He is able to create a safe space for them to open up and be themselves. This comes easily for Guy having six daughters of his own.

 Guy has been working with adolescents and their families since 2003 in various settings. His passion for working with adolescents began when he worked as a residential staff. Despite the challenges, he found that working with them never truly felt like work and instead felt like getting to help family and friends. It was working with teens that he realized he wanted to be able to help more than his role as a mentor and coach would allow. He changed his major from history to social work and never looked back. 

Guy received his undergraduate degree as well as his Masters of Social Work from the University of Utah. When it comes to Guy’s approach to therapy, the Relationship is key! He believes building a strong therapeutic alliance is the foundation to success. In therapy, there are many times that you have to push and challenge old ways of thinking. Without having a strong therapeutic relationship and trust, these challenges will often be met with defensiveness and withdrawal from the process. He believes that if you can start to see the world as it is, without the cognitive distortions you have used throughout your life, you can start to make decisions that truly move you forward in healthy and goal oriented ways. With relationships, effective communication and mutual respect is essential. He likes to start family work by teaching communication skills and work through the barriers that come from old patterns. He loves to use DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills in this area, learning how to effectively communicate opposing points of view while maintaining the relationship.

Guy specializes in working with ODD, CBT, Addiction, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, and Personality Disorders. He enjoys employing CBT, DBT Solution Focused Treatment, Behavioral Activation, Motivational Interviewing, Play Therapy and other strategies to help facilitate his work with our students and families.

When Guy is not working he enjoys doing just about anything with his 6 daughters. They make up games, do art projects, camp, fish, swim, and they love making treats and movie nights. Guy’s wife noted “When it comes to kids, Guy is the most patient person she has ever met”. In his alone time he loves to read or listen to a book on tape.