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Janay McInnes, LMFT

Janay has always had a passionate belief in the power of an individual to rise triumphantly from the difficulties life may assail them.  Yet, she also believes that sustained success and empowerment come with the collaboration of the family system.  Janay believes the family should be the cornerstone of hope, nurturance, and bonding.  When armed with these skills, each family member can create a life story filled with meaningful experiences and connection.

She has spent many years working with youth in both community and school settings.  She helped adolescents discover their strengths and talents, which sometimes were lost in the tumultuous times of “tennagehood”.  As a mentor of teen girls transitioning out of treatment, she felt there was a missing piece as she worked with young women who struggled to find their place in their family and peer relationships.  The search to find this missing link led her to New Haven where families heal together.

Janay received her Bachelor of Science degree in family science from Brigham Young University with a focus on marriage and family.  This provided a natural segue to receiving a master’s in marriage and family therapy.

A favorite quote of Janay’s is “Salt water is the cure for everything, sweat, tears, or the seashore”.  It goes without saying–hard work does pay off, a good cry is good for everyone, and of course nothing is better than a sunny day at the beach.  Janay enjoys spending time with her family, recreating recipes, and any day at the beach or lake.