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Jill Buckmiller, BFA

Jill Buckmiller originally earned a degree in Graphic Design. Although teaching was something that came naturally to her and gave her great satisfaction, it was not something she initially set out to do. However, when she went back to school at age 40, she chose to major in teaching subjects she was passionate about – art and science. She earned a BFA in Art Teaching with a minor in Chemistry Teaching.

Jill loves the opportunity to work with students in small classes and with individual instruction. She loves seeing the “ah-ha” moments when something clicks in a student’s understanding. In addition, she loves working in a therapeutic environment where academic skills develop in tandem with therapeutic, interpersonal and life skills. Once someone asked her why she went from working as a professional artist to teaching. She replied that instead of writing a signature on paintings, she had the privilege of leaving her signature on students!