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Kallee Wilson

Kallee has been working at New Haven since 2015 where she began as a staff at the Roosevelt house. Kallee worked at the Roosevelt house for over a year as an assistant and supervisor. Kallee’s love for the outdoors and adventure attracted her to the Hobble Creek community where she has been ever since. She worked at the Amelia Earhart community for a while before stepping into her role as the Residential Director. Kallee enjoys being with the girls more than anything, whether it is during school, adventure day, or sitting with them through a hard time.

She has a natural ability to connect with the students and her calm presence helps those around her feel safe and loved. The students at the Earhart house feel her warmth and know that she loves them and will be a strong advocate and support. Kallee loves to take the girls out in the mountains to connect with nature and help the girls find activities that they will love for the rest of their lives. She loves the family work we do at New Haven and thrives in challenging the student’s and their families and watching as they accomplish things they didn’t know they could.

Kallee is the middle child of 5 and grew up locally in Salem, Utah. She spent a year and a half serving others in Chile and has traveled to multiple countries. She loves learning about different cultures and joining with them. Kallee attended Utah Valley University and graduated in Sociology in 2017. She loves to hike, snowboard, dirt bike, camp and anything else that involves being outside.