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Karen Sue Nielsen, BA, MEd

Karen Sue graduated from Brigham Young University in Elementary Education and Child Development Family Relations. Advocating for students with disabilities propelled her into completing a Masters of Education in Special Education. She has taught all ages always endeavoring to understand how she can advocate and help students reach their potential learning from their past, infusing themselves into their present and an understanding of a productive future.

Karen Sue grew up on the island of Oahu, Hawaii until their family began traveling with her father’s military career. She appreciated the diverse cultures and people of each area where they called home. She has a deep appreciation for the men and women and their families who serve in the military. (Her father served three tours during the Viet Nam War.) During all of her moves, she was influenced and motivated by many educators who were selfless and poured their passion of learning and caring into her life. She was determined to pay it forward by becoming an educator.

Her family has been her constant heartbeat. Raising four boys and four girls have helped her and her best friend, husband Gerald, to live daily in gratitude and enduring love.