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Laura Barlow

Laura joined the Saratoga Springs campus in October 2016. she is the Executive Assistant, and the Office Manager of both the Saratoga Springs campus, and the Spanish Fork campus. Laura is a huge proponent of the family and values-based New Haven treatment program. She enjoys interacting with and watching the girls and their families as they grow and progress on their journey in treatment.

Laura brings an eclectic blend of education and work experience to New Haven. She graduated from BYU with a BA in Humanities and a minor in Art History. She has since then been a museum Docent, Sales Manager, Loss Prevention Manager, a magazine Fashion Contributor, Special Education Aide, a Project Manager for a community management company, and a foster mom.

Laura enjoys spending time with her family hiking in Moab, surfing at Zuma Beach in California, creating healthy & holistic recipes, or just being outside in nature. Laura is an avid reader and enjoys running half marathons, which is her therapy of choice.