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Mike Otufangavalu

Mike Otufangavalu was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is of Polynesian decent (Tongan), born to his father, who migrated to the US from Tonga in the 70’s, and his mother, who was born in Utah. He was exposed to the adolescent treatment and mental health industry at an early age, while his older sibling was participating in programming during the early 90’s. At age 19, Mike had the opportunity to work in a group home with boys 12-17 years. That’s where he found his passion in helping families work together to strengthen their bonds, make shifts in their family dynamics, and provide support as they healed from years of challenging situations and circumstances through shared corrective experiences.  

Through the years, Mike has enjoyed working in various leadership roles, where he focused on supporting the development of systems, programming, and building more leaders in the industry. He has been training (NCI) Non-violent Crisis Intervention through the Crisis Prevention Institute for several years and loves training professionals how to effectively minimize risk and maximize safety through incorporating the principles of safety, awareness, and accountability while working with individuals in crisis. Mike was married to the love of his life in August 2004 and together they have two beautiful children. They have moved from their home of 7 years in Houston, Texas back to Utah to be close to family. Mike played sports throughout his life, including high school football, basketball, track and field, and played rugby at Southern Utah University. Today he enjoys hiking, camping, and sharing good food with friends and family.