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Patricia Mercer, BA, MA

I’ve taught English for over 20 years, first as a college instructor at several universities around Utah, then as a high school teacher. I returned to Utah in 2020 after spending three years teaching at a private high school/academy on the rural coasts of Maine. I grew up in Utah but have spent many years in Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Idaho, and Maine. I earned my BA in English from Brigham Young University and my MA in Composition Theory and Rhetoric from Utah State University. My husband and I love to camp in Yellowstone, and in 2019 took our dream vacation to Rome and Greece. Our family is obsessed with all things nerdy and geeky, from Harry Potter to Marvel. In my spare time, I write novels and research Germany and Poland during WW2 for my family history. My favorite author is British fantasy writer Terry Pratchett.