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Remington Bassett, Clinical Intern

Remington is direct and enjoys challenging patterns in speech and action. He has a strong ability to attune to the girls he works with using humor, and helping them recognize their unhealthy thought processes. Remington grew up living around different parts of the world, and has a unique appreciation for different cultures and backgrounds as well as personally understanding how to adapt to various challenges that can come.

Remington started his therapeutic work at New Haven first as a residential staff member. For 2 years, he personally experienced  mentoring the students, and working with the whole team. He understands very well how each department can work  together for the betterment of each family’s work. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in Finance and worked in the business industry for 3 years prior to changing his profession. He then decided to pursue his Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling at the University of the Cumberlands. His love for working with the whole family system prompted his return to New Haven. 

Remington specializes in working with students that struggle with Mood and Personality disorders, ADHD, Trauma, and Substance Abuse. He also excels in supporting the healing of the family system. He has sought additional training in understanding attachment theory and continues to find new ways to refine his clinical skill. He teaches and guides mindfulness meditation and believes remaining in the present moment is crucial for self-awareness and a mind at peace. Remington’s favorite part of the job is witnessing the students find love for themselves, and watching how that changes their interactions with their peers.

When Remington is not at work he loves spending time with his wife and little children. You can find them hiking or doing something active outside together. He also enjoys golf and watching or playing sports. He is forever in the constant pursuit of finding the perfect cheese enchilada.