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Ryan Hawks, CMHC TRS

Ryan loves being a part of New Haven and has tremendous respect for the families he works with. He spent ten years working with young adults with autism spectrum disorders at ScenicView Academy as a recreation therapist, mental health counselor, and social skills teacher. He has a bachelor’s degree in recreation therapy, a master’s degree in mental health counseling, and has presented around the country on his work with helping young adults with autism develop healthy relationships. He has experience working with mood disorders, trauma, addiction recovery, personality disorders, and pornography addiction. As a father of four, he’s very grateful to work at a place that is so focused on helping families heal.
Throughout his career, Ryan has focused extensively on incorporating creative, experiential methods into his counseling work. To help challenge the individuals he’s worked with, Ryan ha used everything from simple mindfulness experiences in his office, to a multitude of outdoor experiences including hiking, archery, canoeing, cross-country skiing, and canyoneering. He loves the “light bulb moments” that come when a student does something she didn’t think she could do, such as rock-climbing or rappelling of a tall cliff, and then begin to change her life as a result of seeing her life through a new lens.