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New Haven Heals

We have a vision of a world where every young woman makes peace with her past, thrives in the present, and creates a hopeful future hand-in-hand with the support of her family.

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HEALS stand for (Healthy Families, Experiential, Academics, Love, and Service).

Healthy Families

Family Focused, Individualized Care, Treatment Team sophistication

Every family experiencing painful and difficult times wants to heal.  Parents miss that safe connection with their daughter, and vice versa.  We Heal Families at New Haven.  New Haven provides a path of sophisticated, family focused & individualized care to make this happen.  Some examples of this individualized and family focused care include: Family therapy, video-conference facilitated, each week for 90 minutes.  3 day Family Weekends held every 2 months which include multi-family therapy (sophisticated therapy focused, not workshops or seminars).  And most notable, parents have their own Healing Phase progression program to work on along with their daughter- a shared journey of hard work and healing.  Every family deserves individualized care and support in their Healing Transformation.


Leisure Education, Recreational Therapeutic Tasks, Movement and Action Based Family Therapy

Experiencing (Engaging & Doing) is one of the most effective paths in the journey of healing.  This is evidenced by family testimonials and evidence-based and practice-based research.  Physically engaging in therapy imprints the new patterns of healing.  New Haven’s impressive employees are trained in providing experiences of Transformation.  Recreation therapists, residential staff, and therapists deliver action-based and movement opportunities for students to be aware of and pursue healthy social activities.  Experiential work transforms the family into a new way of healthy living.


College Prep, Special Needs Accommodations, Classroom Direct and Teacher-led Instruction

Many Students have occurrences and events of classroom/school difficulties and failures.  Other students excel in the academic spectrum while many other parts of life are falling apart. Preparing Students to return back to a traditional classroom setting is a top priority.  Our Education Team along with the support of the Clinical Team and Residential Staff, provide a successful path for students to re-engage in the learning process or become able to manage difficulties they experience out of the classroom while maintaining academic excellence.  Classroom-based, teacher-led instruction offered at New Haven parallels at-home education instruction.  We have Special Education teachers to address special learning needs.  96% of our Students eventually attend college.  Preparation is available for those who are transitioning to College out of New Haven.  It is critical that our students successfully transition back to a home academic setting.


Relationship Based Treatment, Aftercare & Alumni Support and Events, Ardent Positive Regard towards Students and Families

A hug says it all!  At New Haven it’s important for students and parents to know that they’re loved, it’s safe to do the hard therapeutic work, and that there’s hope for healing.  We live by the adage, “they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  At New Haven We Care because We Know that healing occurs when people feel loved and supported. In order to meet the needs of our students and families we pride ourselves in having the highest staff to student ration in the country allowing for every student to receive the time and attention she needs throughout the process. We also have a myriad of alumni activities and groups throughout the year to ensure that the bonds that were created while living at New Haven are maintained after New Haven.


International and Regional Service Trips, Weekly Service Opportunities and Involvement, Values Program Driven Selfless Involvement with Others

People embrace their own beauty more prominently when they’re engaged in the service of others.  Our Phases of Healing Values Program allows for every student and their family to explore their own beliefs, desires and goals and how those can integrate and be achieved with every other member of their family. A significant part of this exploration involves selfless introspection and service. New Haven provides weekly service opportunities on campus and in the local community, as well as, distinguished events internationally and regionally. Some of these service trips have included international trips to: Peru, Singapore, Nicaragua, and Zambia. And some regional trips taken by our staff, students and families have been to places like Alaska and a Navajo Reservation.   Selfless Service supports Healthy Values and Productive Living.


Creating a culture of belonging, respect, value, affection, and nurturance.
Locus of Control
Belief and support for an individual to have self-determination and power over her life.
An adolescent girl’s most important support system is her family.  New Haven partners with families to nurture attachment, growth, and healing.
An individual’s goodness and worth are discovered in the service of others.
Fostering a journey of awareness, genuineness, and authenticity for a young woman and her family through guiding principles.
A transcending awareness of one’s worth to something greater than themselves that promotes positive values.


New Haven is a therapeutic haven and school for adolescent girls and their families.


Our mission is to awaken positive values and facilitate lasting change in adolescent girls and their families.

Clinical And Management Philosophy

We focus our use of clinical techniques, academic instruction and management methods around those which are relational, experiential and systemic – HEALS

Foundation Principles

  • Relationally ardent to promote humanistic worth, value and hope
  • Systemic foundation to harness the strength and beauty of relationships for working through challenges, healing the hurt and trauma of relationships, and crystallizing the love and support of family relations
  • Individualized (individuals, couples, and families) approaches through multiple modalities and systems
  • Experiential processes to meet individual learning styles
  • Academic structure through classroom instruction with individualized support
  • Research driven outcomes to guide management and clinical principles
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