Holiday Relationship Building Day 6

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The holidays are upon us! There is a certain magic in the air this time of year. A spirit of reflection and giving are seen all around us. Celebrations with lights, song, and praise begin to surround us. Happiness, laughter, anticipation and wonder; these are the things that make this season special. Perhaps the most rewarding of pleasantries will be time spent with loved ones. We have compiled some thoughts that we will be sending you daily, brief antidotes to support your deepened connection with the ones you love most. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, this is our wish and gift for you and yours. Happy Holidays! Love: Your Friends at New Haven

Nov. 26: Provide random gifts or acts of service to others. You can do this as an individual in behalf of someone you love, or you can work together as a family to select individuals or other families who could use some cheering. Service is one of the best methods to deepen relational bonds, and serving others is one of the best antidotes for any blues you may be experiencing in your own life.