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Leave Your Mark on the World: Lessons From Art Class

We all leave our mark on others and the world.  Our amazing art teacher at Hobble Creek recently lead a discussion to illustrate this principle.  Students discussed how they leave their mark on people, both positive and negative.  Then a model was brought in to be painted on with each student leaving their beautiful mark on her. What a powerful image.

This was the first step in a three-part project to help our students remember the effect they have on everyone around them.  Our Hobble Creek students will continue to work on this concept of how we leave our mark on others.  Following are the full project details:

1. Painting a Human Canvas

The experience of painting a human canvas, using brushes, toothpicks and our hands was extremely poignant for all of the participants.  For our “human canvas” it was about unveiling herself – plain and simple. By allowing others to see her without a mask, the students were able to safely and creatively utilize her as a canvas.  For other students, it allowed them to use their voices creatively and soulfully, working as a creative team to make something beautiful outside of themselves while physically and literally seeing how they were able to impact one another.

We use our language (non-verbal and verbal) and we don’t know the lasting impact on others until much later (until the paint dries).

Leave Your Mark Leave Your Mark Leave Your Mark Leave Your Mark


2. Creating Gifts for Those Around Us

For this part of the project we explore what we would like to leave behind for others and how they will ultimately see us.  Our students chose one person in their lives and using quotes/words and artwork created “gifts” (a gratitude journal, a hang tag or a piece of art) for that person. This art represented how we “see” that person in their best light and how we can leave a positive mark on someone in our New Haven art community.

3. What Mark Will You Leave?

The last part of this project will be to create a finished art piece on canvas showing how we as individuals would like to be “seen.”  How we will ultimately leave our mark on the world.  We will use our intentions and positive core meanings.

It is important to remember we influence and impact the lives of everyone around us.  When completed, this art project will be an incredibly powerful reminder for our students.  We hope it helps you as well.