Jamie Degelbeck, AMFT

Jamie joined New Haven’s clinical team after nine years as a residential staff and supervisor.  During these years, Jamie developed a deep passion for family systems work.  She felt prompted to obtain her masters degree in marriage and family therapy from Amridge University.  Jamie loved her time in the residential communities and feels that her intimate knowledge of this side of New Haven helps her to better understand a family’s experience and to utilize all resources that are available to help each student.

Prior to New Haven, Jamie worked as the program coordinator at a domestic violence shelter for women and children.  She made a positive impact by helping these women identify ways to improve their life circumstances.  Jamie treasured her nine years at the shelter and was then inspired to work with adolescents to help them learn to live healthy lives at a younger age.  It was at this time that Jamie found New Haven and fell in love with our family-based treatment approach.

As a parent, the two most important factors she would have in choosing a program would be that her child feels safe and loved.  Her extensive experience on the residential team has testified to her that these are the top two priorities of each person who surrounds the daughters at New Haven–herself included.  One of the many qualities that makes Jamie such an influential member of our team is her unique ability to hold boundaries while exuding love.

Jamie is spirited, transparent, and is continually challenging everyone around her to become the very best version of themselves.  Growing up as the third of seven children instilled in Jamie a proclivity towards hard work and laughter, and taught her the importance of both in any family unit.  Outside of work (since there is no such thing as “spare time” with two active boys), Jamie loves to garden, exercise, sew, decorate, read, and–of course–spend time with her family.