Kelsey Haymond, MSW

Kelsey comes to New Haven with a deep-rooted passion for working with teenage girls and helping them discover their worth as a person. She first discovered this passion during the two summers she worked as a youth camp counselor, and her desire to help others further increased after she took a position at a wilderness therapy program in Arizona. Kelsey felt strongly that for her, there is no better reward than helping another along life’s journey, and she decided to get her master’s degree in social work from Brigham Young University. While completing her master’s, she worked in a residential setting with women and teens who struggle with eating disorders. She developed a real love for working with this population and now specializes in helping these individuals.

Kelsey was first attracted to New Haven because of our relationship-based treatment model. Using the relationship to connect with and help our students is very closely aligned with Kelsey’s personal values and way of being, and this made her immediately passionate about the work we do at New Haven. Kelsey also loves the holistic approach of the Hobble Creek campus and serves as the certified yoga instructor on campus.

She grew up moving around several states in the west and is the only girl with three brothers. She enjoys spending time with her family and her three adorable nieces and nephews. Kelsey enjoys basketball, snowboarding, ATVing, racquetball, beat boxing, and being out in the sun. Kelsey has a playful approach to life–you’ll hear her laugh before you see her. It’s easy to sense that Kelsey sees the best in those around her and this creates a feeling of safety that allows for quick and meaningful connection.