Randy Thompson, LCSW

For as long as Randy can remember he has had a desire to help others going through difficult times. While Randy was an adolescent he had the opportunity to serve in multiple humanitarian groups throughout Utah and Arizona. His opportunities to support others expanded in high school when he was asked to assist others with disabilities. Randy currently belongs to a humanitarian organization called Humanitize Expeditions. The group consists of Physicians, RN’s and volunteers (including Social Workers) that travel to Guatemala several times a year to provide medical care to Guatemalans. He is also a certified Red Cross volunteer in disaster preparedness.

While attending Florida State University for undergraduate and graduate school, his educational focus was related to the effects of trauma on individuals and families, crisis intervention (including victim advocacy), family therapy, and childhood resiliency.

Most of Randy’s career has been providing crisis intervention in a hospital setting where he observed, assessed and treated a variety of emotional and behavioral issues. For several years, he taught the crisis intervention course at Utah Valley University. He also belongs to a task force called CIT that educates police officers on how to interact with people in the community struggling with their own mental health.

Randy brings to the New Haven team a wide variety of experiences. His unique ability to connect with the girls and their families, as well as, excellent diagnostic and creative intervention skills including: crisis intervention, DBT, CBT, trauma focused CBT, and substance abuse assessment. Ultimately, he finds connecting with others, no matter the issue, one of the more satisfying aspects in life. He also utilizes breathing exercises, yoga and meditation quite frequently as they are effective at treating pain, depression and anxiety.

In his spare time he enjoy spending time with his kids (his most prized possessions), watching and coaching them play various sports and loves to practice with them. He enjoys mountain and road biking, and playing volleyball, soccer and softball.