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Physical Education

New Haven’s physical education program consists of a variety of activities. It is our goal to help girls achieve optimal health by eating right and exercising. Taking part in physical education improves self-concept, decreases depression, and enhances mental toughness. Students increase their overall health as they build their cardiovascular endurance, participate in strength-training exercises, and improve their flexibility.

Additionally, students have opportunities to do activities such as yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, and dancing. They can also participate in team sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and swimming. By incorporating a variety of activities for the girls to take part in, we help them enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

soccer girl
Rope Course Girl

Sports Activities

At New Haven, our girls have a great opportunity to participate in a sports league against other schools. We participate in volleyball, basketball, and soccer. This gives our students a great chance to experience something they may feel they would have missed out on, or wouldn’t have ever taken the chance to do otherwise.

It’s truly wonderful to watch girls come together as they learn to work with each other and get to know each other in different ways. By the end of the season, they can take pride in what they have accomplished together and how they work together as a team. Overall it is a great experience that increases skills, confidence, and friendships.