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Allison Rencher, LMFT

When life’s journey takes us to unexpected places it can create fear and hurt for our entire family. Allison’s greatest passion is helping the whole family on their journey to greater healing. She takes her role as guide seriously as she walks the path with the families assigned to her house and caseload.

Allison uses many modalities to help her clients. Trained in systems theory she enjoys working with families and will often include siblings whenever possible. Family involvement is one of the reasons that Allison enjoys HomeWorks In-home visits. She loves being in the homes of her clients doing the work in the moment.

Allison knows that experiencing something different is more powerful than simply talking or thinking about it. She uses many different types of techniques to assist her clients in experiencing something new. Knowledgeable about DBT and CBT skills she helps her students use those in a way that makes sense to them. Allison operates from an Attachment and systemic perspective.

Allison has been at New Haven since 2008 and has loved the chance to work with such amazing young women and their families in their journey. She respects the courage in which these families face the challenges in their lives. She has experience working with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, attachment, OCD, substance abuse, and trauma. Trained in EMDR she believes in the brain-body connection and knows you can’t heal the mind without healing the whole person.

Allison does her best to live by her top values of relationships, integrity, hard work, and beauty. She knows that life without connection is not much of a life and that those relationships take work. Allison will do whatever it takes to help those she cares about. She loves photography and music and does her best to capture the beauty around her.

Allison has a Master’s degree from Utah State University.