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Duane Kemp, Ph.D.

Duane was born in the college town of Ithaca, NY where his father completed his Master’s Degree, making education of high importance in his family. Duane received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Binghamton University and began his focus on communication, learning processes, and child development. He received his Master’s Degree in Psychology from Stony Brook University and chose to complete his pre-doctoral internship in New York City to broaden his skills to include psychiatric emergencies, neuropsychology, and family therapy. While completing his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, also at Stony Brook University, Duane worked as Residential Staff for young men with aggressive and self-destructive behavior. After completing his doctoral thesis on interventions based on communication, Duane became Clinical Director at a private institute serving children, young adults and their families.

While working as a Psychologist with other families, unfortunately, tragedy struck his own family in the death of Duane’s sister-in-law. With his brother out to sea in the U.S. Navy, Duane raised his niece through her adolescent years. This experience changed his focus to young women and their family systems. Duane worked with private companies serving adolescents and their families, eventually forming his own company to provide several services including week-long retreats for teens and families, telephone coaching, and in-home visits to build family unity. Duane has a passion for the deep and lasting changes that come from close relationship and honest communication.

In his spare time, Duane pursues his excitement for Native American philosophy, ceremony, and wilderness skills. He lives in Spanish Fork with his wife and family making the great outdoors just a short hike away.