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Giovanna Underwood, ​LCMHC​

Giovanna Underwood comes to New Haven as a seasoned therapist having much experience as an expert working with families. She specializes helping to reconstruct families that feel that they are falling apart, by teaching new strategies and different boundaries. Giovanna is highly systemic and reaches out to several layers of the client’s support system throughout the counseling process. She loves the bustling atmosphere of working with teenagers and groups of people, especially sharing her experience, strength and hope with those that have been suffering.

Giovanna is trained in EMDR, motivational interviewing, and hypnotherapy to help the client, during the meditative process, to be more open to healthy suggestions and healing of trauma, as well as DBT and mindfulness to help clients develop emotion regulation which allows clients to accept accountability for their behaviors, feel compassion, and become mature.

Giovanna has extensive experience with addiction and recovery, both personally and professionally. She came to the field of counseling naturally after growing up in an alcoholic home and undergoing her own therapy process, Having had such a positive endeavor with the therapeutic healing process, Giovanna returned to graduate school to get her Masters degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. Giovanna often brags about the quality of her graduate program at the University of South Florida because essentially she walked away with three degrees and the ability to work with those struggling with disabilities, mental health issues, addiction, and families who are struggling with the ever-changing circumstances of their lives. Giovanna’s hope is always to reverence this struggle. She has had much success with various populations, from teenagers in homeless shelters and psychiatric treatment hospitals to teenagers who have undergone trauma and abuse as well as adolescents who have become abusive and aggressive.

Although Giovanna originally had planned to be a journalist or an english teacher with her BA in English, she found that her calling in life is that of a therapist and remembers counseling peers and adults even as a teenager when she would be pulled out of high school classes to listen to some of the traumas of others and validate and even give direction trained in a special program piloted by the school district back in 1989.