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Holly Wilson, ACMHC

Holly was raised in Southern California with a love for family and an appreciation for the importance of security and empowerment for all children. She developed an early love of psychology and mindfulness as a teenager. Holly has always had a strong desire to help others who may be experiencing challenging times. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience from Texas A & M University. One of her early goals was to be a wife and mother and she and her husband are the parents to 4 daughters and one son. Her love of working with children grew as she spent much of the past 10 years volunteering in one capacity or another with adolescents, especially teenage girls. As her hopes to help others deepened, she set her sights on clinical work and returned to school to earn a Master’s Degree from Westminster College in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

During her graduate coursework, she had the opportunity to work in both residential treatment settings as well as with the immigrant population in Salt Lake City. She has worked with adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, neglect, mood disorders, and conduct disorder. As a research assistant, she had the opportunity to work in assessment with the refugees in Salt Lake City. This opportunity allowed her to deepen her ability to connect and empathize with others as the refugee population presents with such significant challenges. She has a love of systems work, attachment, eating disorders, body image, anxiety, and trauma. Holly has had training in CBT, Trauma Focused CBT, Sand Tray therapy, and the impact of play, mindfulness, and neuroscience in psychotherapy. Holly has a love of learning and frequently can be found reading 3-4 books at a time.

As Holly engaged in internship and practicum opportunities, she was thrilled to find New Haven with the focus on families and a holistic approach to healing. The idea that girls can heal as families heal guides Holly’s work. It has been Holly’s experience that when one experiences acceptance and empathy, change can occur. When Holly has free time she can be found running, traveling, cooking, and enjoying time with her family.