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Jessica Jones

Jessica Claire Jones grew up in the sunny state of Arizona.  Jessica is from a blended family and is the oldest of four children.  Jessica began college in Arizona, studying Psychology and Theater.  During college, she met her husband Brian.  They vowed to get out of the heat and moved to Utah for school.  Jessica is the proud mother of 4 beautiful and precocious children.

She joined the New Haven family in February of 2012.  With the training and help of an amazing Jewish student and local Rabbi, she implemented the first kosher kitchen at the Mother Teresa House.  She has since trained others in Kosher cooking and has acted as a liaison for our Jewish students and their families.  As much as she loves cooking delicious food, she realized her real passion was the girls and families New Haven serves. She began training as a Residential Staff and has worked as an Assistant Supervisor, Supervisor and now as the Teresa House Residential Director.  She has been referred to as the Red Headed Goddess of the kitchen, and a loving huggable House Mom.  She loves our girls and their families.  Jessica is dedicated to New Haven’s vision and healing for every family.  She believes that there is hope for everyone!!