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Kassidy Pendleton, MFT

Kassidy earned her bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Family Studies at Utah Valley University and then completed her master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy at the University of Kentucky. Kassidy has always had a passion for working with adolescents, particularly young women. Her master’s thesis research focused on teenage girls’ experiences of therapy, and she has a wide range of experience with adolescents and in various treatment settings.

Kassidy has worked with adolescents in schools and in residential treatment at New Haven, in addition to having experience with the legal system and with substance abuse treatment. Besides being a marriage and family therapist, Kassidy also has her provisional license as a Family Life Educator and believes family involvement in treatment is essential for facilitating lasting change. Kassidy nurtures client’s family and friend networks and includes them in the therapy process so that positive changes remain deeply rooted and supported even after formal treatment has ended.

Kassidy’s genuine, compassionate nature and emotional sensitivity to clients’ needs makes her easy for clients to connect to while her calming, steady manner creates a sense of safety and stability for clients whose worlds are often quite chaotic. Kassidy incorporates elements of narrative and experiential therapy models, working from an emotionally-focused perspective that prioritizes clients’ sense of self and encourages them to re-discover their own worth and ability.

Though Kassidy is devoted to her clients, she understands that self-care is just as important for her as it is for those she serves. Kassidy regularly takes time to go for runs, relax with her friends and family, and enjoy the outdoors.