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Meghan Griffiths, CTRS, SUDC

Meghan is from Fresno, California. She earned her bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation from Brigham Young University and later earned a certificate in substance use counseling from the University of Utah. She did internships at the Utah State Hospital, New Haven, and the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center of Utah County. She is also the team leader of a group called Addict to Athlete. Meghan is certified as a ropes course facilitator through CLAS Ropes and a swim instructor through JT Swimming. She is trained in CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Psychology through Red Cross.

Before working a New Haven, Meghan worked in a variety of settings such as a developmental disability center and a juvenal detention center. She decided to come to New Haven because she loves the emphasis on family and individual empowerment. Her favorite part about working as a recreation therapist is seeing families work together and feel stronger as a whole during experiential challenges. She loves to see the connections form within people and groups through tasks involving the mind and body. She is passionate about how exercise and adventure can heal. In her free time, Meghan loves to compete in triathlons and enjoys train running and rock climbing with her husband.